Deck Repair – Common Problems

Like any other part of a home, decks need to be maintained regularly to keep them in safe, attractive, working order. If you don’t maintain your deck the chances are that it will certainly deteriorate in appearance but can also become unsafe and then require some deck repairs to bring it back to a safe, good looking structure that your family can continue to enjoy.

From repairs to replacements, it is a good idea to know how to take good care of your deck and when to call in professional help for deck repairs. If your deck is well maintained, you will be able to enjoy your outdoor space for many months of the year. Like most home maintenance it is best to carry out regular checks on your deck and carry out any small maintenance jobs throughout the season.  This way you will be able to detect any problems early and have the necessary repairs done as soon as possible before they become a big repair job.

Here are some common deck problems that need immediate attention before they become a costly issue:

Discolouration Of Your Deck

A deck is generally exposed to harsh outdoor elements from baking hot sun in summer to freezing temperatures in winter. IN the Taupo area the sun is especially harsh in summer and can cause rapid deterioration of the finish on your deck. Even if your deck is constructed from the best materials, water and sunlight will eventually cause fading, making your outdoor space look old and run-down. A deck needs to be refinished every so often to keep the colour consistent and protect the raw materials from being damaged by heat and water. This is a DIY job you can do yourself but it does take some time, effort, and the right materials for the job.

Broken Boards

Taupo deck repairs
Uneven decking can be dangerous

Moisture and constant movement from walking on deck boards can cause them to become worn, weak, and even crack. A cracked or worn deck board is dangerous and should be repaired as soon as possible. Unless you are a DIY enthusiast with some carpentry experience to make the exact cuts necessary to fit precisely into the gap, this is a job best left to a professional decking repair contractor.

Loose Or Raised Nails

Frequent movement of people over a deck can cause some nails to move slightly. Over time the nails will become looser leading initially, to the good chance of someone hurting their bare foot. Stepping on or walking into a raised nail is painful. If the nails are not hammered down, then the boards themselves can become loose, warp, and ultimately need replacing.

Loose nails arise because of poor construction standards but is an easy fix if you know how to replace the nails correctly. It’s not as simple as knocking a nail back in as it will rise again in a few months time. Call a professional deck repairer to get the job done properly.

Wood Rot

As most decks are made of wood, they are highly susceptible to wood rot. Wood rot is commonly caused by water puddles accumulating on the deck, wet leaves or sticks caught between the boards preventing water flow, or extreme weather conditions.

Rotten deck wood needs replacing

When wood gets wet it starts to break down, attracting fungus and bacteria that causes it to break down even further, eventually ruining much of the structure of a deck. If your deck has wood rot the affected boards will have to be removed and replaced as soon as possible. A professional deck repair contractor will get the job done quickly and effectively and, most importantly, also treat the rest of the deck to prevent any further rot from setting in. They will also give you valuable tips on how to prevent wood rot in the future.

If you don’t recoat your deck with varnish, polyurethane or some other protective finish, the wood can become rotten much faster so a good tip is to recoat your deck at the end of summer each year.

Looking For A Taupo Deck Repair Company

Your deck is a great addition to your home that will give you years of enjoyment. In order to maximise the life and usefulness of this valuable asset, you should check your deck regularly. Look for dry or cracking finish indicating it needs a new coat of varnish. Look for any telltale signs of problems such as loose nails and have them attended to as soon as possible. And of course, if you spot any rotten wood, call a professional deck repair company to come and fix it before the problems spread.

Your deck like new

Over the years I have worked on many decks, and learned the best ways to get your deck back to a fabulous condition once again. So please call me on 021 285 1445 and I’ll gladly come to see what needs doing to repair your deck.

Best regards, Mat