How We Work With You – Clear, Open Communication

We like to be very clear, and open with all our clients. Here is how we work with you:


This is the initial contact and the first time we’ll talk to you.  During this initial phone call we’ll ask you a few detailed questions to get a better understanding of your project and your requirements, so we can then provide you with the best advice.


Once we have received your answers, and we can help you, we will schedule in a time to meet with you in person.  During this time, we will sit down with you and draw as much information from you as possible.

Our aim here is to fully understand your situation, the resources you have available, the time line you’d like to meet etc.  During this meeting we encourage you to bring any ideas, house plans, section information and other relevant documents.

We will also discuss your specific need and requirements during the renovation process and take into consideration any plans you have for the future.


To get a better feel for the project we’ll come out and visit your home or building site in person.  This will allow us to consider any other implications (such as site access etc.) for you project, as well as resource consents and council restrictions.

If you don’t have any concept plans or have an architect/designer at this point, don’t worry.  We can introduce you to amazing architects and designers we regularly use and trust.

At this stage, we highly recommend you have your home assessed by a Building Surveyor.  They will provide independent expert advice on the existing condition of your home.  This is a very valuable starting point for the design of your renovation project as it can highlight any areas of concern, or areas that may require special attention.


The next step is for the Architect to transform your ideas and requirements into an initial concept plan.  These concept drawings will enable you to see what your dream home will actually look like.

During this time we will provide you with an Estimate for the concept drawings, based on average build costs.  This will help you to start making decisions on what your overall budget can include, on what you can or can’t do without or what you do or don’t like.

If it’s not exactly what you want or you want things added or removed, it’s far easier and more cost effective to make design changes now, than during the construction phase.


Now that all your requirements have been met, the Architect will develop your concept drawings into a full set of detailed plans and documents.

When you have approved the plans and documents, we can then proceed to provide you with an accurate quote.  Also attached with the quote will be a detailed timeline of how the project will proceed.


Once you’re happy with the plans provided and the final quote, we’ll get the paperwork taken care of and get your project underway.  You’ll also receive a confirmed start and finish date, as well as a detailed project timeline.


During your project we will hold regular meetings and provide you with written progress reports, copies of all building inspections and photos of each stage.  You are always welcome to ring us, and organise an extra meeting at any time.


Your project is complete.  Final payments are completed, all the boxes are ticked!