New Houses

Kinloch house builder

Do You Want To Build Your Dream Home in Taupo?

For many people, having a custom designed and built new home in Taupo is their dream.  For some people they might have a rural block of land they want to have a new house built on. For others who live in the city, they want to remove an old house and build a brand-new home in its place.  Whichever situation you are in, as one of the top Taupo house building companies we can help. We have been hired by many clients to make their dream come true and if you have either a section in the city or a lifestyle block, we can make your dream home come true too.


New house designs

One of the biggest stumbling blocks for people is the design of the new home. We have worked with some of the best house designers in Taupo. If you don’t already have a design, we can introduce you to a designer or architect who can translate your ideas into a plan.


Once you have a plan, we can provide you with a firm quotation including a time line. Our guarantee includes penalties for not completing your job on time.