Taupo Bathroom Renovations – Is Hiring A Professional The Best Option?

Do you sigh every time you walk into your bathroom? Is it too small? Do the sink and bath look dated? What about a modern shower instead of a plastic curtain? There are many reasons for wanting to renovate your bathroom, but will it require a professional bathroom renovation company?

Taupo bathroom renovations

The answer depends on the scope of your renovation.

Changing The Appearance Only

Does your bathroom look physically okay, but you wish it looked different? This is essentially redecorating your bathroom. Painting walls, hanging new wallpaper, and adding wall hangings are quick and easy ways to make your bathroom look new and fresh at a low cost and do not need the help of a professional. In short, if you are only planning on changing the looks of the bathroom, you can do it by yourself.

Changing Everything Else

When you look at your bathroom and wish you could tear it out and start again, it is probably time to consult a professional bathroom renovations company. Here are a few reasons why.


Moving or replacing a sink, toilet, bath or a shower, will need plumbing work done in your bathroom. If you are replacing any of these then you might be able to do it yourself but you will need to make sure that you do not leave any leaks or dripping water.

However, if you are moving any bathroom-ware, that will require moving pipes. That is definitely a job for a professional. In fact for most plumbing work, The Taupo District Council will require Building Consent to make these changes.

Electrical Work

Water and electricity do not mix. Therefore, it is essential that nay electrical work in a bathroom renovation is carried out by a qualified person. If your plans involve changing lights, moving sockets, or moving walls for an expansion, then you will need an electrician to do the electrical work and make sure your bathroom stays in code.

Taupo bathroom renovations company

A professional bathroom renovation company may have both electricians and plumbers on their staff to make sure the job gets done right. If not, they will know good local companies who can do the work for the project.

Enlarging Your Bathroom

Are you planning to expand the floor area of your bathroom? Maybe combining a toilet and bathroom, or taking unused space from an adjoining bedroom cupboard. The demolition and building of new walls can throw your entire home into disarray. A professional bathroom renovations contracting firm can get these jobs done fast, allowing your family to live reasonably comfortably in the home during the renovation process.

Project Management For Bathroom Renovations

Assessing, organising, and managing multiple trades is not easy. It takes time, and is certainly stressful A good bathroom renovation company can act as Project Manager for you making sure the right tradies comes at the right time. You don’t want anyone standing idle, charging you money. This eliminates you from needing to track down the right people for the job and often keeps your costs lower.

Peace Of Mind With A Bathroom Renovation

One of your biggest worries about renovating your bathroom yourself is how will it all turn out. There is also the strong probability of stress between you and your spouse during the renovation, too. Working with an experienced bathroom renovation service eliminates most of the stress. When you pick a company with experience renovating bathrooms, you can relax knowing the job will be done quickly and correctly.

One of the biggest issues for any renovation project is when the house-holder changes their mind part way through the project. This is difficult enough for an experienced renovations builder to handle but if you are a part-time DIY-er, any changes can be a major headache. This might be the biggest reason to hire a local Taupo bathroom renovations company so they can take care of any changes during the renovation project.

It Pays to Hire A Pro Bathroom Renovation Company

You can do parts of a bathroom renovation on your own, but, depending the extent of the renovations, it is normally easier and cheaper to hire a local bathroom renovations company. A professional knows how to keep costs down and how to manage problem, and how to accommodate changes along the way. While it may look more expensive to hire someone, if you fully cost your time, disruption, the costs of errors and re-works, you will usually find that it is better value to hire a professional.

If you want sit down with a professional to discuss your plans, and evaluate the costs before you decide if it makes more sense to do it yourself, please give me a call on 021 285 1445, and I will come to see what you have in mind.