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3 Signs That You Need A New Roof Now

Have you been putting off replacing your roof because of the high cost? Waiting to replace a roof is common, but sometimes it becomes impossible to wait any longer. Here are three situations which make it important to get a new roof:

The Roof Sags

When you stand back and take a look at your roof, do you notice areas where the roof sags, or dips, lower than other areas? This is usually caused by problems in your roof’s foundation. The foundation may be starting to rot, or small leaks have caused the foundation to swell and weaken. If you have a pitched roof, the ridge should be completely level. Similarly, if you have a flat roof, that should be level across its surface.  In either case, if it isn’t level, it is time to have the roof inspected and have it fixed. Sags and dips in your roof allow water to pool in the low areas, causing leaks and further weakening of your roof. They also put additional stress on parts of the roof.

Damaged Shingles Or Roof Tiles

It is easy to spot shingles which have started to curl, but that is just one kind of damage. Curling is caused when your shingles are no longer able to withstand the sun’s powerful UV rays. This is a particular problem here in New Zealand with the extremely strong sun we have, especially in elevated areas like Taupo. As the edge of the tile curls, it opens gaps for water to seep under the shingles which can lead to leaks in your roof.

Another form of damage to roof tiles is the loss or degrading of the surface asphalt, sometimes called shingle granules. This is a harder to detect when standing on the ground but have you noticed granules on the ground around your home? Were there excessive granules in the gutters when you cleaned them? Loss of granules reduces the durability of the roof shingles. You should check for broken and chipped shingles, too. High winds and hail can cause breaks in the shingles which allows water to leak through.

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Leaking Roof

If you are already seeing water spots on your ceilings, or hearing the dripping water during rainstorms, you have a problem. However, if you take action quickly, then you can probably contain it as a minor issue before it develops into a major, and expensive problem to fix.

Some leaks can be fixed by a simple repair job to your roof, but the leaks can quickly start to multiply and expand.

Do Not Try Repairing Your Roof Yourself

If you are dealing with any of these three problems, do not attempt to fix them yourself. Working on a roof, especially a pitched roof, is dangerous work. You must hire a professional roofer or builder to evaluate your roof. They will have the access equipment, proper roof ladders, and the tools to check or fix any damage.

They will also have the experience of working on a pitched surface, at height. And perhaps most importantly, they will have the right sort of insurance cover. If you ask a well-meaning neighbour or friend to take a look, and they have an accident, you will be liable for the insurance as the householder. A professional, especially a member of The Master Builders Association, is required to carry suitable insurances.

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A Fixed Roof Is Cheaper Than A New Roof

A stitch-in-time applies to many issues in life but especially to a damaged roof. As soon as you see any of the three issues mentioned above, call a qualified Taupo roof repair company. The cost of a new roof will run to tens of thousands of dollars. Fixing a damaged roof will vary depending on the extent of the work but will almost certainly be less than having a new roof installed.

We have been renovating houses for twenty years and have dealt with every sort of roof problem you can imagine. If you spot a sag in your roof, tile granules, or a leak in your roof, call me on 021 285 1445 and I will come and give you advice on your next steps.


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