Why You Should Hire A Taupo Kitchen Renovations Company

You have made the decision; your kitchen needs to be renovated. Now comes the tough question.  Are you going to do it on your own, or hire a kitchen renovation company? The Kiwi DIY-mentality is strong but there are a few good reasons you should consider working with a professional kitchen renovator.

Gas and Electricity

Your kitchen renovation plans will probably involve moving the location of your appliances, especially your oven and stove-top. Moving electrical services and gas pipes is not something the average homeowner should try to tackle.

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In fact, with the increasingly tough stance the insurance companies are taking, if electrical work or gas-fitting are not carried out by qualified companies, then they will more than likely decline to insure your home. If you have had major electrical or plumbing work in your kitchen, they will want to see the sign-off certificates from the council.

This is probably the biggest reasons to work with a kitchen renovation company. Even of they do not do the actual work themselves, then they will have other subcontractors that they know can do the job properly.

Water and Sewage

If you are creating an open-plan kitchen and living area, then the chances are that you will need to move water supply pipes. Most water supplies and the associated appliances are usually located against an outside wall simply to minimize the amount of pipework within the house. However, open-plan designs with a big island which includes a sink and dish-washer will require extending the water supply and waste pipes into the room.

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This is definitely work that will need a professional, qualified plumber. Imagine the damage and cost if there was a leak. A kitchen renovation company will make sure these pipe works are done properly, so you don’t have to worry about it.

Precision Is The Key To A Great Kitchen Renovation

How good are you at measuring, planning, and ordering all the right materials? Are you good at cutting wood, countertops, and tiles precisely?

Tiny mistakes can make big differences in the finished look of your kitchen. A slight error of just a millimetre will make it more difficult to fix the other parts of the kitchen. And while that sounds a small difference, over time, you will notice that sloping door, or angled kicker-board, and it will become really annoying, especially since you know how easily it could have been avoided.

Professional renovation companies live by the old rule of “Measure twice, cut once.” They have lots of experience, doing it every working day. It’s not a skill they need to learn. Plus, they have the proper tools and equipment to make sure every cut is done perfectly and therefore, the renovation goes smoothly.

Avoid Extra Costs

Besides the less than perfect appearance of your kitchen due to installation errors, making wrong cuts will also cost you a lot more money, time, and frustration. A professional kitchen renovation builder understands that wasting materials quickly inflates the cost, so they are careful to make sure they are precise with their measurements and cuts.

For wood these errors are an annoying cost but for more exotic materials like counter tops, the costs can be very expensive.

The Designer’s Eye And The Kitchen Renovation Experience

Are you 100% confident in your vision for your new kitchen? Do you have differences in your family over the end result? Discussing your ideas with a professional can help you clarify your plans and make sure you are not overlooking important details. An experienced kitchen renovations builder will have insights about your aims, and may have ideas you hadn’t thought of. They will also be able to advise on the ball-park costs of your ideas compared to other ways of achieving your desired outcome.

A kitchen renovation contractor can guide you on how to save money on your renovation, without jeopardizing your vision.

Call a Taupo Kitchen Renovations Company

Using a kitchen renovation company can help you get your make-over done quicker and often at a lower price than if you try to do it yourself. Sit down and discuss your project with a renovation or kitchen remodeling company. Do this before you make the final decision on whether you should do it yourself, or let the professionals handle it.

If you would like to use my years of experience in kitchen renovations, you are welcome to have a no-cost consultation to talk through your kitchen renovation ideas.

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